Badger Driving School

Learning to be a safe driver takes knowledge and practice — at Badger Driving School we help drivers gain both. Through our comprehensive Classroom sessions, advanced Skills training, and our thorough Driving lessons, students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become safer, better, independent drivers!

Note about COVID-19 Coronavirus – We are still open for business and have implemented extra safety measure.  Those interested in classroom will have the ability to take it virtually with the owner at this time.  Those wanting to drive, may do so as long as they have no symptoms (of any illness) and are not in a high risk age or health group.  Furthermore, we may cancel or reschedule as needed for everyones safety.  Our vehicles are cleaned with germ killer multiple times per day, and students like staff must wash hands and use sanitizer.  If you have any questions, please give us a call. Thank you and stay safe and healthy!